Whatever the Reasons of the Terror Attack in Berlin, it is obviously the open borders’s and the Leftists’s fault. They must be pulled out of the Palaces of Power. Here’s Why.


Berlin’s crime scene

Angela Merkel wanted, together with her socialist allies, to fine Facebook not only for fake news published and not removed in 24 hours from the newsfeed, but also for hate speech, decided by herself, not removed once flagged in 24 hours. So, she wanted to obtain to silence the Germans who don’t want her “Asylanten”, with the result that the Germans should endure the terror attacks, the rapes the insults and be scared of commenting or expressing their due and perfectly human rage on facebook. It’s Merkel that must go; we don’t need the immigrants, we don’t need the muslims and we don’t even need Merkel. Open borders to unchecked foreigners was already a very dangerous cretinery, if she has nazi ancerstors whose sins she would like to atone, she can close herself in a convent and atone there, but she must not be in power. The Chancellor must provide security in the streets to the citizens and to the regular immigrants, we heard non white immigrants – regular immigrants – in Germany saying they would vote NPD if they could, because everything was fine and orderly before the 1.2 million undocumented “refugees” she called in the country, now the germans don’t go in the street markets where the regular immigrants had their stalls, and there are these thugs messing around treated by the leftists like the sacred cows in India, whatever they do, the mafia leftists have made them “untouchable”, uncriticizable, their problem was silencing the german despair also on facebook.

We don’t want “more EU” the EU is pro migrants and tries to impose this horrid open borders thing and moreover wants to impose the immigration compact that would oblige the germans and the other europeans to take more immigrants compulsorily and make the local population shut up.

Shut down the EU, dear Germans vote Right wing, restore the german nation. As for Hitler he’s probably already in hell, I’m sick of the jews, they’re not so important after all, people go to hell or to paradise for their personal sins, not the fathers’ and if their rabbis tell them differently they are wrong, their rabbis don’t even know who’s the Messiah and are destroying Israel, don’t let them destroy Europe too.

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