Apple should pay for supposed “illegal state aid” but the bank of the communists MPS according to the EU should – and must not – have precisely state aid which is illegal under the same EU rules. How the rules of the EU are vulgarily arbitrary and why the EU must close.


State aid Ireland-Apple? And what about the real state aid’s proposal Italy-MPS? The EU is a bank, always on the side of the state aid to the banks and against the entrepreuneurs.

The EU must close because it has arbitrary rules, that are so arbitrary that cannot even be described as proper “rules”, Trump has been confirmed by the good Electors who sealed american democracy against its shameless detractors – can you imagine what would have happened if really the Electoral college had voted against the citizens? – I mean, if I had been a Democrat I would have been more scared by the perspective this situation would open – military coup? an Unelected President? I mean, do the leftists realize what they had asked? – Well, some Democrats realized it so well they voted against Hillary Clinton. So with Trump Brexit is stronger, but let’s go back to us and compare the behaviour of the EU in the entirely EU- created Apple case – where the member State Ireland stands with Apple moreover – and the italian case of state aid that goes against the stability pact to a … failed private bank, the latter is real state aid, and a level of state aid that takes money directly from the poor italian taxpayers’ pot and that moreover have been inscribed in debt to the already indebted country and that breaks the stability pact, the prohibition of the bail-out rule sanctioned by the same EU, but…even though the eventual – but hopefully it won’t happen – state aid to MPS breaks two clear EU signed rules, they totally arbitrarily let them do  the same- I say: they must not do it, I’m Italian I don’t see why I should endure austerity stress, and debts for saving a bank that I and the majority of the other italian citizens have nothing to do with – while Apple and Ireland didn’t break any EU rule and are on the same side, but, again arbitrarily, the EU wants to punish them, as you can see the EU’s unelected and uncontrolled and does what the bureaucrats want, the adjective that describes the situation more is “arbitrary” and “arbitrarily” ; I take the definition of the word from the dictionary, here what the EU’s choices are : based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

“an arbitrary decision”
synonyms: capricious, whimsical, random, chance, erratic, unpredictable, inconsistent, wild, hit-or-miss, haphazard, casual; More

The EU is always on the side of state aid to the banks, till the point they bailed out the german banks – instead of letting them fail – starving the Greeks and now want to allow against their so called “rules” state aid to save again another bank, MPS, because the EU is controlled by mason bankers and it is against the entrepreuneurs, so in their wicked minds everybody should sweat, work and pay high taxes so they can give the money to bail out the banks that they would never let fail. The EU must close and MPS must be let fail instead.

In reality the right thing to do is the let Apple alone discuss with Ireland the taxation as it is written in the EU so called rules and as Apple and Ireland have already done, and to prohibit instead the bail-out of the banks, MPS included, rather than going on with “una-tantums” that make the system as above described: “capricious, whimsical, random, chance, erratic etc” which becomes another word: unjust.

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