The Blacks and the Jews against the Whites again: Cecil Rhodes effect, Queen Mary University removes King Leopold II plaques after student protest

Blacks, Jews and minorities go on with their vulgar and vile anti-white actions, led by Soros and the communist Rothschild clan, who are ashkenazi Jews, the other minorities, black and asians – with the due exceptions of people who belong to these ethnicities but do not want to participate to this anti-white hysteria – have removed a plaque in honour of King Leopold II of Belgium, a dear cousin of Queen Victoria, who was also Empress; it is clear that the aim of Rothschild is to eliminate the British Anglo-Saxon Monarchy and de-throne the Anglo-Saxons as dominant culture and ethnicity in the UK, but coward as they are, they start from the cousins, but with reasons that could be easily applied to the british monarchs too. The jews… they are very loyal. Get rid of them, they are false and racist, look at Israel, I strongly suggest you to cut relationship and fundings to Israel, abolish the double nationality, approve everything that de-empower them, like Putin and Assad or Palestine, and revert to a state controlled golden currency and free and unlimited use of cash.

Come on, if they did it with Leopold they intend to do it also with Queen Victoria, they were the same. You must get rid of them.

The “Cecil Rhodes effect” is creating a chilling atmosphere around the country, experts fear, after it emerged that Queen Mary University of London quietly removed a foundation stone laid by King Leopold II amid student complaints that he was a “genocidal colonialist”.

Source: Cecil Rhodes effect: Queen Mary University removes King Leopold II plaques after student protest

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  1. Dare I say you missed the “s” that should go at the end of “black” in your title and first line. Far and away the most attention-grabbing issue on the page.


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