Go on like this, pandering to the EU, the Court is a branch of the Commission and only Hard Brexit will make them silent, the EU must close. European Commission ‘exceeded its powers’ over Ireland Apple tax ruling

Ireland must exit the EU, basically, the EU must close, again with this Apple thing, now, it is clear that the High Court of Justice rubber stamps the decisions of the Commission, it is not impartial, and the only thing that can kill this monstrosity of Soviet Union for the Westerners is Hard Brexit, but Theresa May and Philip Hammond were put there to lose time and I think finally to avoid it; why else would Theresa May prohibit communications, even informal with Farage if she didn’t despise Nigel Farage instead of admiring him? I told them, it’s better if Facebook, Apple, Google do lobby and campaign for Hard Brexit or they’ll find themselves under a Soviet Union styled Commission-Court twins who echo one another and without Hard Brexit they would be unescapable; personally I believe it’s better to pull down May and Hammond and go to general elections, her attitude towards Farage is clearer than her brexit means brexit mantra; Why shouldn’t Tories talk to him? We want Farage PM.

Ireland has accused the European Commission of exceeding its powers in a legal challenge to the ruling that Apple must return billions in unpaid taxes.

Source: European Commission ‘exceeded its powers’ over Ireland Apple tax ruling

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