Dear Right wing Editors, we must write both in English and in our native languages to catch all the fishes: we must use all the knowledge we’ve got.


Right wing Editors are very good in Scandinavia, but the war is still to be won and it must be won.

We must work, with all the knowledge we’ve got, in Norway and Sweden there are wonderful right wing editors but the situation is still not of victory: we must write both in English for the Anglo-sphere and for the cosmopolitan elite of our countries, the super-educated people who are used to reading the english written publications and also to communicate with one another, being right wingers in a situation of peace: we want to keep our place and to let the other right wingers keep theirs, kind of, we Italians keep Italy, the Swedes keep Sweden etc. and obviously then go on with normal immigration and travel policies that do not tie immigration to charity and helping the disadvantaged but tie it to works and jobs and economy or cultural issues, let alone travel for fun; while keeping the helping the poor factor outside of the grip of the leftists – basically everything must be kept putside of the grip of the leftists – which means to send money to trustworthy governments in Africa and Asia, but do not use immigration as a form of charity; now we must take over and to take over we must write also in our languages: italian, dutch etc. to catch the people who can speak only or almost only that and do not read the english publications.

Remember that Christianity and the LGBT issues are crucial, about LGBT, only not bullying gays must be held as a value, but gay weddings, promotion of homosexual behaviour particularly among minors, the gender anthropology, the concept that people are not men or women by DNA – which is false – and experiments on human embryos and womb renting and possibly also abortion must be abolished and fought off, like sunday trading and the degrading of Christmas and Easter fests from religious and cultural to seasonal.

We must win and I think we can; this year we won with Trump and Brexit in the Anglo-sphere but not with Hofer in Austria, because a lot of the anti-illuminati right wing publications are in english. We must use all of our knowledge in all languages to catch all the fishes. God help us, enlighten our minds and make us do the Right Thing.

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