Why I think Farage is Right and the EU will collapse, but not for far-right wingers’ faults – or merit anyway – Video –

In this video I explain some of the reasons why I think Nigel Farage is right in predicting the end by collapse of the European Union: they basically don’t believe in anything, not even in globalisation, in fact, even though they impose very tough rules to “keep the euro” or to keep the EU’s rules to the citizens, then they revert to arbitrary protectionist moves when the private interests of some of their “upper club” are touched, so we had state help for private banks, while austerity is imposed to the citizens, state help to prevent “foreigners” buying a local company, in reality they refuse the challenges of the global market and obtain protectionist rules, always sold as una tantum, but done regularly to protect private interests. I make the clear example of how the far right surge is a reaction to this injustice, not the cause of the EU’s failures, but the direct consequence of it and the example of Britain, a country that only lost money – no matter what Osborne says, because Britain did lose money staying within the EU, but Osborne is just another man of Rothschild – well Britain accepted to pay yearly £20 billions into the EU budget receiving in change only £9 billions in investments so losing into the EU de facto good £11 billions, yearly, moreover accepting the free movement of people’s rule, was charged with low skilled mass immigration from the poor countries of the EU that became an extra economic burden to the Welfare State, and they accepted it and paid, but when they tried to earn something out of the EU affiliation, entering the services’ sector in France and Germany, they were blocked by nationalistic and protectionist rules against the “Anglo-Saxon invaders” and free movement of services was not allowed, while free movement of people that went against their interests was protected, add the extraordinarily high affiliation fee and the prohibition to know how those money were spent for the secretive attitude of Brussels’s burocrats that must be unacceptable, but in Brussels seems to be the norm. I insist that we must exit the EU.

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