Is it really necessary to tell Steven Spielberg that he should “teach” the importance od “diversity” to the jews who, going after their own rabbis, “otherize” all the non – jews calling them goyim and the israelis he feeds?


I’m sick and tired of the Jews lecturing people about “respecting diversity”. Truly, they must do it themselves in Palestine or shut up.

I’m almost sick and tired about writing this, but again a jewish Israel supporter, Steven Spielberg, explains that the true meaning of his last cartoon/movie is “the importance of diversity”, if I listen again to a Jew talking about “diversity” while giving money and support to Israel I vomit. The israelis do not tolerate any “diversity”, the rabbis teach the jews they are superior to the others as a  form of religious belief and Spielberg knows it because he’s a lubavitcher, if there is a people that “otherizes” the “diverse” people it’s the jews, and in Israel, that Spielberg supports and never criticizes, because it’s useless, all this hate for the non jews becomes explicit and vulgar. Spielberg is just another jewish hypocrite. Even the word goy in itself is deprecative like nigger, the jewish rabbis teach the israelis it is a sin to even socialize with goyim, and the difference with the diaspora jews is that the israelis talk openly about what they’re taught, they don’t perceive it as scandalous living in a closed society that wants to stay closed, while the diaspora jews play the victims and are taught to lie and be double faced. Like Spielberg. Because Spielberg knows it. If they want “diversity” they must not have any right to any jewish state anywhere, the jewish state is not “diverse”. They must keep at least the Palestinians, but they don’t because they’re hypocrites. Independently from the Holocaust, Anti-semites are right, they say true things, it’s the jews who are really like this, Spielberg shutting up on israeli racism and rabbis’s teaching about jewish “superiority” and how it is a sin to socialize with non-jews, the israeli youth is lost after them, and support Israel and then making a stupid movie like this is the evidence he’s just another unbearable hypocrite.

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