Even better for Brexiteers, also Bern and Copenaghen will want to cut the leash with Brussels completely and form an alliance of Sovereign Nations with Britain: ‘Watch out London’ taunts EU chief after wrecking Swiss and Danish Euro transition moves’ Brexit negotiators warned.

The EU chiefs play the tough guys, and they refused to accept Denmark’s and Switzerland’s request to cut net immigration from EU countries; it has to be clear that for the EU, whatever Osborne may think, Economy is not the priority, it’s immigration and the NWO based on racial mix the priority, in Italy we have a damaged economy and are losing money but from the europhiles – all masons with real communist backgrounds – and Brussels the priority must be given to the immigrants, even over the italian citizens’ interests till the scandalous point an italian Hospital in Sardinia was ordered by the Minister to dismiss quickly the italian ill patients and do the priority to the health checks to the loads of immigrants they discharge on a regular base in Sardinia: this is their f*****g NWO, Italy is not of or for the Italians, the negroes, the racial mix, is considered the top priority, with our money, at expenses of the european taxpayers, so they’ll never give up on immigration. The good news is that in Denmark, a rich country, in Switzerland, a very rich country they want, they need to cut immigration and the EU doesn’t let them do, which means the hard brexiteers have allies and rich and powerful ones, Australia keeps on saying “fucking leave we’re your brothers, we’re here to help you” the group of Nations independent from fucking Brussels appears much more powerful than the third worldist Brussels, take the fucking chance, cut the leash completely, get agreements with Bern, Canberra and Copenhagen plan a total exit and form another liberal and sovereign club. I’m not the only one aware of this, and Theresa, if you don’t do it, it’ll be your fault, from Brussels they can bark but it’s you who are giving them this power, Germany will never stop trading with you, Denmark and Switzerland want the same level of border control as you and count this: UK, Australia, Switzerland and Denmark are a hardcore rich countries, exit the third worldist EU, invite their representative in London so they exit too. Come on. Have you heard Tusk? It’s a Soviet Union style way of talking, tell the Britons they have to be ruled by people like that. Add the last move that the already poorly powerful MEPs have been deprived even of the right to read all the EU laws, that will be decided behind closed doors by the Commission, the ECB – yes, the bank – and “selected representatives” of the Parliament, while the other MEPs won’t even have the right to know what they’re talking about behind those doors. Theresa, if you stay in a thing like this it’s your fault. The Britons have said they want Freedom, Independence and Democracy, they are right and have talked.

I can add, just to finish, that in Italy, all the commissioners and prominent europhile come directly from the italian Communist Party or some other openly communist political denomination, communist by their own definition, they are doing Soviet Union for western Europe, this is what they did, the EU parliament will be completely dismantled when they’ve reached their aim and even now is there as smoke and mirror.

‘Watch out London’ taunts EU chief after wrecking Swiss and Danish Euro transition moves

Source: Brexit negotiators warned of trouble ahead from EU | UK | News | Daily Express

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