What EU? Fedele Confalonieri an italian europhile, who voted YES to Renzi’s referendum now does not want Vivendi, a french firm, to buy Mediaset, an italian one, and asks the help of the Nation-State, as in the case of the “Anglo-Saxon invaders” europhiles reveal to be hypocrites: they like Globalisation only if it’s the poor who pay the bill.

Europee: Renzi, se Pd forte cambiano cose in Ue e in Italia

Matteo Renzi with his ally Fedele Confalonieri: they are europhiles, or so they think to be…whatever europhile means

Ah, Vivendi, a french company, wants to buy Mediaset, an italian one, and the President of Mediaset, the owner being Berlusconi, Fedele Confalonieri doesn’t want Mediaset to go to the french because they are french and not italians and asked the help of the Nation State in the persons of politicians. There is only one point obscure in all this: Fedele Confalonieri is a europhile, who voted yes to Renzi’s referendum, but now that his position of influence is at stake, now wants the help of daddy Italian State. It’s always the same story, we should tolerate islamization, mass immigration, losing control of the currency, losing jobs and austerity for they are europhiles and want globalisation as long as it doesn’t touch their own interests, when globalisation poses a threat to them, they go back asking, begging, help to the italian state they helped destroy: I hate them, we italians as long as we are commoners we should pay all the price of globalisation, but they, after insulting the brexiteers, the NO campaigners because “we are fascists” and proclaiming themselves europhiles and “citizens of the world”, now they don’t want “french invaders” in their little territory, what kind of european union do you want if you can’t stand a french in the administration board of your company, Sir?

It reminds me of the Britons being called with the medieval epitome of Anglo-Saxon invaders only for they wanted the free movement of services and enter the EU services’ sector, well they were stopped, by whom? By Brussels properly lobbied as usual. This tells a lot about the inefficiency of the EU and of the whole concept of globalisation: it is you and I and the common Greeks who have to pay the price for it, no matter how disturbingly high this price becomes, they, who do globalisation, when they’re little private interests are touched lobby and manipulate politicians and commissioners and block global competition, they block even european competition. This is why the EU doesn’t work, in the end, remember that the Britons before voting Brexit had accepted to pay 20 billions into the EU budget per year and had also accepted that free movement meant de facto low skilled mass immigration to Britain from Eastern and Southern Europe, and they accepted it and paid a high price for it, but when it was time to use the EU for their own interests, to enter french and german services’sector they were blocked with national protectionist moves…everything is wrong in Brussels, they’re not even pure globalists, if they were they would believe in something after all, but they don’t, I believe they are cheap people who believe only in their own private personal interests. So, Mr. Confalonieri, you don’t want french invaders around Mediaset, and why should I support the weight of the EU imposed austerity? And immigration? What kind of EU do you want? At least I am perfectly aware that I don’t like it.

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