Theresa, I think you guessed, you better leave now. ‘I think I’d better leave now’: Theresa May is met with stony silence at Brussels summit before EU leaders present her with £50bn Brexit extortion bill. Aren’t you disgusted enough, Theresa?

Maybe all these cold showers will bring a faster, quicker and angrier hard brexit. Which is what I and the bloggers and infowars want; Theresa we would support you like we did with Trump, if only you chose to be our hero. You have to choose, look at the bloggers, not one independent mind is pro remain or pro soft brexit, which means that people who are free to speak out their mind we want all the hard brexit and to cancel the power of the ECJ and Luxembourg High Court.

As for the bill, it is clearly extortion, first of all I never understood why, if the EU staff’s wages are tax exempt then they can get pensions without having contributed to any public or private pension pots? We have to pay part of our earnings or wages into the State or a private fund to get a minimum of a pension and the EU gives orders to the states to diminish it or even to abolish it, and you know it, for the budget, the stability pact, the euro-crisis, then they want pensions for themselves without contributing to any state fund, or welfare or pension pot: it’s disgusting, they take and stop, take money and give orders – or at least try to give orders but by luck people and states disobey – , it is a shame that we europeans were tricked into falling into that trap that’s called EU. Get out clean, withdraw from the single market, revert to the three percent tariff, block the access to your country to the people you don’t give regular visas and the Expats will undergo the same treatment as australian expats, I tell you this: don’t do any trade deal so you haven’t got any overnational court entering from the backdoor, do the hard brexit and all the bloggers will be with you. We won with Trump, we’ll win again with you, don’t lose time with these people since they were never in good faith, I feel more connected with the brexiteers of all the world that I can ever feel connected with Mogherini or Paolo Gentiloni no matter they are “italians” I don’t consider them italians really, they’re not “italians”, they’re communists: they are destroying Italy, if you destroy their EU – which is what they consider their true fatherland and are destroying actively Italy to empower it – you would be doing me an enormous favour: be hard, destroy it, do the hard brexit. Humiliate them and don’t pay any bill. I want to see the EU crumbling down and Mogherini and Gentiloni crying.

Theresa May said ‘I think I better leave now’ at a Brussels summit after EU leaders refused to discuss Brexit in front of her. A source described the incident as ‘a bit embarrassing’.

Source: ‘I think I’d better leave now’: Theresa May is met with stony silence at Brussels summit before EU leaders present her with £50bn Brexit bill | Daily Mail Online

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