What happened to the habit of suing for defamation? Why don’t the leftists simply sue for defamation the fake news authors? A) because they produce more fake news than the others. B) Because they want censorship.


It’s not that in the past people didn’t have shields against fake stories, there was and there still is the possibility of suing for defamation and for harming the honourability but to win the trial the news published must be really fake; the leftists want censorship instead because it is proven by the likes of Paul Joseph Watson, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and a lot of other, like zero.hedge etc., independent publishers that the lefty journalists and political activists do publish more fake news than anyone else and are actually scared of being fined millions for it in a trial; do you know what? In the end it came out that even the rumour about Obama not being born in the USA was orchestrated by Clinton to try and remove him from the race to the White House when she lost against him, the Washington Post had to apologize for publishing an article about Russia whose sources couldn’t be checked, the successful campaign against Hillary based on the fake story that she had called poor americans a “bucket of losers” was an extreme case: it was put on line by the leftists to be quoted by the right wingers to then accuse them of fake news, and this means they are stupid, I’d never put online fake news about myself in the hope to be quoted by the leftists so I can accuse them, it is twisted the way Hillary’s staff thinks, isn’t it?

So, I refuse censorship; free press and free speech must be 100% protected, bu then people can sue for defamation the author of the fake news, and if the author is a leftist who posed as a right winger it’s a problem of theirs if they do these things, I don’t pose as a leftist.

Watch this interesting video by Paul Joseph Watson about how many fake news, even right wing leaning – false flags – come from Hillary’s campaign; in a trial for defamation she would be ruined because in that case it’s the author of the fake story that goes on trial not facebook, and very often the author it’s they:

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