A communist out, a communist in: Gentiloni, new italian PM, was a member of the Party of Proletarian Unity for Communism, wants the United States of Europe that in his opinion would solve the euro-crisis, how? Letting Germany and Holland pay for all the debts of Italy, Spain and Greece.

The motto of the party he had joined was “For Communism” I am not joking, Paolo Gentiloni new useless in the best case, italian Prime Minister was a member of the party called “Partito di Unità proletaria per il Comunismo” which means “Party of proletarian Unity for Communism” and had this happy symbol:


This is where the new italian Prime Minister comes from, Mogherini, the italian commissioner for security , was a member of the young communists, why did they get so high in the rank all these young communists? For the reason that, hating their own country they were co-opted by the masons to destroy them, Gentiloni tweeted that he wants the United States of Europe and… ok first the tweet


Translation: “I dream – yes he says “dream” – the United States of Europe. If they existed, the crisis of the euro would be managed. And in the olympic medal collection we would be first with 18 golds.”

Explain to Dijsselbloem or to Schauble what do you mean that if there were the United States of Europe the euro-crisis would be managed? You who cannot even approve the euro-budget, because you want to impose quotas of clandestine immigrants?

Probably he means that Germany and Holland would be bound to transfer money to pay for the debts of Italy and Greece and Spain which is the real reason why no one wants to do the USE but him and other two or three communists around; do you really believe  that is we right wingers blocking the process of the United States of Europe? No, in reality they don’t do it not to do the euro-transfer precisely because Germany and Holland would lose money, Italy does not apply the austerity and does not respect the pact of stability and this is the real reason why no one wants to do a real euro-currency, but these communists don’t realize it, they are there, chosen literally by freemasonry only because they detest their own country and betray it more quickly than the other politicians; look at what they do with Frontex, they said that Frontex should fight against the human traffic and it is used to bring more immigrants instead: it is a part of the traffick and they the communists: Gentiloni, Mogherini, Boldrini know it.

The result will probably be that Germany and Holland will take advantage of the euro generated surplus and remain like this between indifferent and helpless with the “it’s not my fault, you didn’t respect the pacts” face at the meeting, Dijsselbloem is particularly good at doing this kind of face. I hope they expel us – I’m italian – from the eurozone, but they didn’t do it with Greece, I would like these communists to be hanged, add that Gentiloni comes from a half noble family which means he may have contacts inside the dirtiest Vatican, the so called illuminati, usually it’s these kind of people who are catholic-communists, and it’s the ones I loathe most. He’ll try to put immigrants everywhere spro-talking about “compassion” and “charity” like his cardinals taught him, then he will try to fuck off the italian people and try to stay in power as long as possible shielding his own family from the austerity and the riots. He makes me feel disgusted, like Tsipras, another useless communist who shows off the closed fist, the Greeks don’t understand that to recover they must exit the EU, they go on saying nonsense “the government doesn’t help us” which means they don’t understand their government is the Troika, not Tsipras, some one inform them. I don’t want to end up like this, they could kick us out of the eurozone, I don’t care about the humiliation, everything is better than this, three communist pigs ruining us because they personally want to be Commissioners, Prime Minister and co.

Please Theresa, don’t do the same as they: do Brexit.

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