I stick to the point that the only way not to make a war with these people is territoriality, in Italy I don’t want them: “Non-gendered pronouns are progress for trans and non-trans people alike” | Jane Fae | Opinion | The Guardian

I don’t know whether I feel more disgusted at radical Islam or at trans-obsessive white people, I want Italy or Southern Italy for myself and other conservative Trinitarian Christians, the alternative is basically war.

This is the opinion of the Guardian, basically the white Britons are so disgusting with the exception of the few rebels that they deserve to take it in the bottom by “muslims like us”, I believe Prince Charles is truly a paedophile, the british society is rotten, they “cannot” do the Brexit because the people in charge of it are blocked one by one by the obscure part of society. Also their love for “diversity” is a lie, they are forced into it by blackmail. Obviously they don’t like it.

Replacing ‘he’ and ‘she’ with ‘ze’ would be of benefit to anybody who doesn’t like to have a gender label attached

Source: Non-gendered pronouns are progress for trans and non-trans people alike | Jane Fae | Opinion | The Guardian

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