Hamish de Bretton Gordon: “This is our plan to save 500 children from Aleppo “. Why do I think Hamish is a jewish name? I told you, I don’t want to topple Assad, fuck off to Israel and tell your dear israelis to retire their foreign fighters who pretend to be syrian rebels. 

I support Assad and family to be President of Syria and not Hamish – is he another jew? – de Bretton Gordon’s syrian “rebels” to take over the land and, as very intelligently stated by a Telegraph reader – some readers of the Telegraph are more intelligent than the columnists – transform it into a giant jihadi training camp. Hamish de Bretton etc. must be a very close friend of Israel because the terrorists he desperately wants to help are mixed israeli officers who want to take the land from Assad pretending to be syrian rebels and Hamish wants to help them, obviously it’s not fucking Israel that has to take the children – children like Calais’s children btw? – no because Israel is for jews only, it’s the Britons who should take the tough children and send their brave soldiers dying …for the british empire? No, that’s racism, they should die to give the Golan to Israel and Aleppo to the jihadis and transform the rest of Syria into a destroyed land because to rule it or to build something would be “colonialism” to destroy it and give it to Israel and the muslim throat-cutters is “helping the children” instead, so there won’t be any developed country in the Middle East to threaten the “jewish” state.

Obviously Assad’s people are the most cultivated and developed in the region, the engineers, the archeologists, the ones who could profess doubts about religion they were and are all with Assad, the ones who can build something, the jihadis – often israelis and french masked as syrians – they only want a covered up war against Assad to destroy Syria. Go and look at the children killed by Netanyahu, Hamish. Lybia teaches: you can’t go around the world toppling dictators and the war is in Syria because of Israel: the foreign fighters who sell themselves as syrian opposition must lose.

The horrors of Aleppo over the last few weeks cannot be overstated.

Source: This is our plan to save 500 children from Aleppo – before it’s too late

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