Dear Fellows Europeans, say No to any change to the Dublin Treaty or the Italian Left will fill you with clandestine immigrants non stop.


The new Italian Government headed by Paolo Gentiloni is the photocopy of the previous

I am Italian and Right wing and I have the moral duty to warn you: the italian left is doing it on purpose to go and take loads of immigrants in front of Libya and allows anyone to take immigrants and land them to Italy; I have already written many articles about this: they behave like a state of human traffickers, if you accept any change in the Dublin Treaty you’re ruined: they’ll fill you of immigrants non-stop, the EU is masonic and is on their side, I am favourable to the closure of the EU entirely, sorry, it went wrong, save yourselves, we italian right wingers didn’t want this, but now it’s better if you close the door and save yourselves.

Refresh your mind about what they’re doing and shiver 

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