Curious how people who man hunt soldiers for breaking the human rights and “flog” white people for the past colonialism now want to send white soldiers dying to save rebels from Assad: Fuck Rebels. Assad can stay there. 

This journalism exercise is worthy analysing, a certain Julie something, a Telegraph columnist is sorry for Aleppo’s children and would like to send white christian soldiers dying there to rescue Aleppo from Assad and give it to the fucking Rebels who are muslims. And why? It would have more sense, if white Britons who still bother to serve in the Army took Aleppo to give the town to the Queen as a colony, but they can’t, the ones who survive once home will have to endure being object of public disdain by miserable lefty nurses in hospitals who dare and tell them “cover yourself, your uniform is offensive” or by the BBC that does not broadcast the poppy video-song in their honour, the wounded would participate to Prince Harry’s Invictus Games showing everybody how you can go from totally fit to a wheelchair in one second and then there is the State funded charity to check if, in the hell of Aleppo they by the way have killed too much and then end up in jail while crass lawyers who sent them there make money because everything that happens in a war looks like breaking the human rights.

Don’t go.

You Julie, with this name “Julie” go to Aleppo if you like, whom are you sending there? Fucking journalists, Because you’re sorry for the children obviously. They pay you for writing this and moreover there is another point, I am a “white suprematist” according to the definition of the Left, why should white guys die in Asia and then consign the land to the fucking jews who want the Golan or asian muslim rebels who say they are dirty because if they give the territory to the Queen they are fucking colonialists? And their descendants will be offended by all the blacks and the asians and the jews obviously, in the world for the next 50 decades – if this world lasts other fifty decades. If Israel has problems with Assad the fucking jews can die there, don’t send european soldiers dying for the jews and the asians. If white people do the military service, white people must rule. A white will rule and it’ll be Putin. He can, and I prefer him to Rothschild.

Every time a massacre happens, we say “never again”.

Source: We are watching Aleppo burn in real time. And just like in Bosnia and Rwanda, we do nothing

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