“Barack Obama wanted the Middle East to solve its own problems. Aleppo shows it can’t” another useless (hopefully) interventionist Telegraph Article; in reality there are no more dead civilians in Aleppo than there were in Gaza, certainly less than in Iraq and in Libya: shut up, Samantha.

Samantha Power should better think about what they americans did in Guantanamo – torture – and in Abu Ghraib – torture with dogs on naked prisoners – why doesn’t she condemn herself and Bush-Cheney?

As for the dead civilians I doubt in Aleppo Assad could kill more people or children than Netanyahu in Gaza, she and her allies in Iraq and Libya. Samantha, why don’t you shut up?

This woman is sick. As for the “brutal regime’s forces”, it’s the government that they blindly go on calling “regime” to try and feel better.

All this while the British patriots go on saying they would fight against Argentina to keep the Falklands, and yes, I understand, but why then Assad shouldn’t fight to keep Aleppo?

“Because Assad kills more and more brutally” is the answer, but, I mean, do you believe this? Who told them than when the americans or the israelis kill people suffer less? Samantha Power? As usual a comment of the readers was more intelligent than the article itself, it stated that, basically, not being able to do colonialism, they the Britons wouldn’t be able to “give” any rule to the people, any change in faith, belief or state organization and I add, if they did, they would be in fact accused of colonialism.

Samantha Power wants just to remove Assad like Gaddafi and Saddam, she is immoral, she would abandon the civilians in the hands of anybody yielding a knife the day after the dictator is dead, she would care about them the way she cares about libyan and iraqi children – they are used for illegal trade of organs I read – there’s no state and no order thanks to the likes of Samantha but she doesn’t care, to care and give order or build a State would be”colonialism” so they move on and look somewhere else: they are disgusting, for Syria it’s better to keep their President.

I still believe Colonialism was more moral than what the americans and their allies did in Iraq and Libya. You’re right Britons, don’t intervene or you better go and re-build Libya, to destroy and run away is really indecent, but the zionists, yes, the jewish lobby related to Israel and headed by Rothschild did everything to destroy the British Empire soon after the Balfour Declaration was signed – they didn’t want the King of England to be King of Israel and this after having begged for the King’s permission to have a “home for the jews in Palestine” – now it’s time they cry.

Listening to America’s ambassador to the UN lamenting the slaughter in Syria on Tuesday, I found myself doing something I haven’t done for a long time.

Source: Barack Obama wanted the Middle East to solve its own problems. Aleppo shows it can’t

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