“Putin’s game is to neuter and divide the West” says William Hague. No, dear, Putin’s game is to avoid WWIII and to keep russian crimeans with the other Russians.

Link to William Hague’s version of the Putin-West story. In reality Hague knows perfectly how much they are lying about Syria on behalf of Israel and Rothschild, the Britons have become pitiful: they’re all friends of Israel now and are scared of anti-semitism and islamophobia and of Putin; all this while the israelis shoot freely whomever they like and occupy lands and there are muslim terror attacks, but they’re concerned about twitter’s islamophobia and anti-semitism… apropos William, why the occupation of Crimea is unacceptable and the occupation of the West Bank is acceptable instead? After the Israelis kicked their ass making them blow up at the King David Hotel the Britons have learnt to be friends of Israel. Poor Britain, rescue yourself. Truly. I miss the imperialists, at least they fought for themselves not for poor aggressive double personality disorder Israel, and they were more respected than the Britons now.

The Russians know how to make you feel welcome.

Source: Putin’s game is to neuter and divide the West – and he is succeeding

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