Dear Fellows Westerners, maybe it’s about Time we change Religion, the churches are trying to sell us out.

The eunuchs of God are trying to sell other people’s ass, and it’s clear they think they can sell ours. I’m not an atheist, in fact I am a Trinitarian Christian and a kabalarian who thinks Kabalah was given by God to a chosen one we don’t know who he was – or at least, I don’t -; now, I was born in a catholic family and I used to love the catholic church, until Bergoglio: it is clear they in the Vatican are not simply sinners, they are traitors, they want to sell the ass of us italians and of you other westerners too; if I give a look around I have to admit the scandinavian lutheran churches manage somehow to be even worse: gays and lesbians command, they tell people that sodomy is not a sin – they do it, obviously – but to vote Right wing is a sin, the Sweden Democrats have been attacked by the top bishop – a lesbian of course – from inside the church, now if it can console them all the churches are bringing about the sell off of the country where they are and we italians are getting very angry at someone: because it’s our fault, if they are protected in the Vatican and honestly it’s your fault Sweden if all that dirt entered the official lutheran church, because you pay for them.

They are asking us ethnic europeans to cede the control of the land to…them and the f****g jewish bankers, the zionist Rothschild “to atone” the various sins of the past: fascism, nazism, racism, colonialism etc basically all the ethnic europeans even the ones whose ancestors fought against the Nazis – not mine I have to say – but they are put in the same box of the whites to be punished together with the nazis, now it has become clearer and clearer that we must get rid of them; it’s about time we change.

In the end they are completely disobeying Saint Paul and Jesus Christ and they are totally out of control: Jesus said to spread the good news and basically to try to convert the others, they give churches to the muslims to worship without even naming Jesus Christ and covering the crosses not to offend them; Paul said homosexuals and witches won’t be saved? In the lutheran church they practice gay weddings inside the church. Now if saint Paul and Peter are worthy nothing who are these pastors of the nothingness to be followed? In the end, if nothing else Peter and Paul were called, they are not and we are fed up with keeping them alive, they must be sent to dig the land and earn a wage doing a job, they are evil and are in first line to try to sell our country, our interests and try to do globalisation. They are the enemy and we must fight and win against them.

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