But who the fuck does this woman think she is? Brexit: Gina Miller brands historic Commons vote ‘irrelevant’ | UK | News | Daily Express

This half nigger, who became british citizen as a grown up, together with a brazilian Deir Dos Santos who has double nationality – and this is why I’m against the double nationality and I would abolish it totally – well, now after claiming the referendum makes her sick, and claiming that the Royal Prerogative though written in the british constitution is not valid (who told her? her guyanese dog?) now the Commons vote is “irrelevant” and a “red herring”.

Please after this, tell these africans, because this is what they are, to go and teach “democracy” in the third world countries they come from, I’m sick of them: Europe must return to ethnic nationalism, Ius Sanguinis and for the people who want to acquire the new european nationality, they must first of all, give up totally the previous nationality, jews and Israelis included, for the firsts, and do the military service for Britain or an oath of allegiance. End this mess. They disgust me. In Guyana certainly Democracy, without royal prerogatives and referendums works better…as everybody knows, they can talk. Fuck the Left and close this Brexit deal, what she’s doing is offensive. And stop giving away the nationalities to these scroungers and double faced people: two nationalities means two halves of each, because you are one person not two, you must not be in condition to count for two. And moreover to criticize the Patriots who do the military service… we make her sick? She and Dos Santos make us brexiteers vomit. You know what? The Royal Prerogative exists, and no one abolished it, so it is quite simple, the High Court must uphold it until someone abolishes it constitutionally.

BREXIT blocker Gina Miller has outrageously branded a Commons vote to approve the triggering of Article 50 as “irrelevant”.

Source: Brexit: Gina Miller brands historic Commons vote ‘irrelevant’ | UK | News | Daily Express

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  1. She is the most irrelevant fucker yet. As for her Guyanese dog, i would take more note of that.


    • Yes, she’s definetely manipulated by other people richer and morepowerful than she who wanted Britain inside the NWO, because Britain leaving the EU actually left the NWO, actually broke the NWO, because it is an entirely independent country that can do its own rules, its own laws and that’s a big blow for the overnational entities. Moreover I am convinced it’ll be economically and socially successful, so other countries should follow.


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