Say what you like about the Holocaust and show movies, but I cannot warm up to the Jews, if they want no ethnic nationalism they must give up Israel as a jewish state and accept Palestinians can be active part in it till the top.


Miss Berger is a jewess and friend of Israel and against racist in the UK

I don’t warm up to the Jews as a group, I may like some individual Jews because they may be particularly smart or handsome, but as a whole I just have to say: no, I don’t like the group, they are the double standard made ethnical group. They go on showing movies about the Holocaust where they are the victims, then fight against ethnic nationalism, the Alt Right – not all of them, some Jews don’t- then want Israel as a jewish state for ethnic Jews, and honestly if they really can fight against the likes of Hofer or UKIP, they, with their double nationals voting everywhere while the palestinians cannot vote anywhere, who complain and complain, they must accept Israel is not a jewish state, because that’s ethnic nationalism too, and the Palestinians must be able to enter the top of the Israeli society till Prime Minister or Foreign Secretary; they can say what they like about how racist we europeans are: they are worse, actually in France Sarkozy’s government that was considered Right wing had Ministers of Northern African origins, they don’t allow the Palestinians into the State machine, and at the same time don’t give them a piece of land where they can build the Palestinian State and at the same time they occupy the territories called, for some weird reason “Palestinian territories” weird reason, because they are occupied by the Jews. Ms. Berger can go and cry there. I don’t like them, I tell the truth. If we cannot have “christian Europe” they must never have “jewish Israel” the Holocaust doesn’t give them any territorial rights over Jerusalem, or else also the Romas and gypsies and gays who were persecuted by Hitler should have the right to move to Palestine. And I don’t see them having it. That’s ethno-nationalism too, of course. Spare me the pro-Israel Right, I esteem more Jean Marie LePen than “the clean” Marine, I’d vote her obviously but only for lack of serious alternative in France.

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