Draghi did it on purpose to block foreign investors buying MPS shares, he wants the State to save it for it is taxpayers’ money and his party PD would keep the steering board. Draghi must resign and MPS must fail. Or else…the market.

For once I agree with Juliet Samuel, it’s  a bail-out, totally against the interests of the italian citizens and Draghi must be pulled out of the ECB, he blocked foreign investors from buying shares of MPS ’cause he positively wants the Italian State to put taxpayers’ money into it, for mean political reasons, like this, we italian citizens pay but don’t control the bank, and the steering board people, Draghi’s chums, all freemasons and related to the PD party would remain, with our money, in control of the bank: this plan must fail. MPS is not “too big to fail” it must fail or else as many italian independent economists, the 5stars movement and Right wingers both intellectuals and politicians say: give all the shares to the market, the one individual or group that becomes main shareholder takes the steering board and has got the Bank, why don’t they do it? Obviously, because the actual members of the fallimentar and inept and corrupt steering board, Draghi’s and Renzi’s friends, all members of the Partito Democratico, to put it in jargon “they don’t want to lose the bone”. So Juliet is right. Thank you.

Here’s two considerations:

One about Italy and the other about the EU.

I ask you Readers your help: whatever you can do to push for not bailing out the bank and give all the shares to the market please do it, for me who am italian citizen, the Italian State and also for you, if you are in condition you will be able to buy loads of shares at a very low price and even enter the steering board with a ridiculous amount of money – expelling the actual corrupt-communist-masonic steering board – and would become owner of the bank, included the property of this palace in Siena:


Historic HeadQuarter of the bank “Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena”

together with loads of other historic buildings around Italy property of the bank and actually, now, in the hands of the wrong people. You see it’s a bargain and it’s bargain for you and for me and other italian citizens, because what they want to do, be careful, is not to save the bank, but to save the actual steering board which thing is very different, since Italy is indebted, it would mean to indebt extraordinarily more the State asking the ESM ‘s intervention which would drive Italy towards becoming a slave of the Troika like Greece. Block this bailout move and force the selling of all the shares in the market, we Italians would finally get rid of the communist party, that PD that does the interests of Carlo DeBenedetti, and would give a blow to freemasonry and get rid of a snake in the breast of the country and you would have a bank at a low price and if you are capable you can make a lot of money with it and the shares would rise again.

The consideration about Europe and the EU is this:

What authority can have an institution that first outlaws the bail-out, but then if it’s political friends of Draghi’s and Monti’s makes the “exception”? And the other banks? Won’t they say “Why MPS yes and we NO?” Basically it is another sign and a big one that the EU is a big illegal “chum-ocracy” we all must run away from.


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