The Man of the Year in negative? Clearly the “Opinion Pollster”; Four main elections in 2016 and three lost. Included Hofer who in Austria should win with 53% and lost instead, while Trump and Brexit should lose but won.


Norbert Hofer

I was convinced that Hofer would win in Austria; I truly did it: the mistake to believe the opinion pollsters, after they gave Remain and Hillary victorious and then we saw them lose, when they gave Hofer in advantage in Austria, since Hofer was my choice I trusted them and I endured the cold shower of oh my dear 46% against 54% fifteen minutes after the end of the vote. How could they possibly go so wrong? In Italy they guessed the NO was leading and the NO won. But honestly with four main electoral consultations and only one guessed, either the italian opinion pollsters are better or it’s just a causal victory in the year of the defeat of the opinion pollsters.

I think they should go back to university, because the opinion polls, the “sondaggi” in reality are based on statistics and statistics, say what you like, is a science, usually if the mood of the country is unsafe, people may say they vote liberal and vote Right wing instead, particularly people who have voted liberal for many years and are ashamed of telling everybody “I can’t stand gay weddings and all these migrants anymore and I’m going ‘fascio'” the way they happened to call right wingers in the blessed years of the Left, but with Hofer it’s the opposite, we were all so relaxed, me included, that I was convinced the austrians were truly convinced to put him in Hofburg, the polls I had read gave him vitorious with 53% and Hofer was the ‘fascio’ the right wing candidate. So, really, what happened? I am curious.

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