Against Federica Mogherini and pro Boris Johnson. Yes, Theresa May must stop vilifying the Foreign Secretary who politically is stronger than she.


Federica Mogherini R.  Boris Johnson L.

Federica Mogherini has become the Queen of the Bribes, a perfect example of how the EU works and why we must close it, as it is, it works like this: it imposes austerity to the european citizens, gathers money in Brussels and uses the enormous amount of money they gathered to bribe people, inside Europe to support the EU and outside of Europe to try to impose the masonic agenda without doing the military. Mogherini wants to bribe Assad to leave a piece of Syria to the terrorists that she calls “opposition”. Now Mogherini is a former communist who sympathized for the red brigades, for Hamas and calls opposition all the terrorist groups in the world that want to crash down a state. But what’s more disturbing is that, while those badfellows of the israelis want to kill them – and she despises them for that, maybe rightly – she “morally superior” wants to bribe Assad, with our taxpayers money, to leave a piece of land to such terrorists. Bribing, the word that describes that political faggotry of the EU, and I say it with respect for some homosexuals who are good soldiers, but no the EU is not gay it’s fag, they are the shame of the european people the lowest point in the history of the Continent: they must close now.


Why not a war for conquering? Why bribing? Why, the third way: doing like Switzerland that doesn’t do wars but also doesn’t bribe around with swiss taxpayers money. It’s disgusting, simply. You Federica, EU et sim. cannot use our tax money to bribe half of Africa and Asia and I hope Assad will refuse, it’s like selling the country, for the EU may be normal but for other people is still dishonorable.

We are seeing our countries getting impoverished and then the EU, whose democratic part is purely cosmetic, because the big thing are the offices full of unelected staff, using our money, and they prohibit the governments to use the money inside the Nation, unless it’s for the migrants, well they give our money away to Africa and Asia in change of the imposition of the masonic agenda, gay rights and Co. It must be over.

Now about Boris Johnson, Theresa May hasn’t got really the political power of Johnson, he won Brexit, together with Farage, but he brought the establishment into fighting for Brexit, Boris Johnson is a game changer and Theresa May lies on behalf of the Saudis, of course the Saudis meddle in Syria. I believe Johnson should consider the leadership of the Tory Party because May is Prime Minister solely for the fact that Johnson and co. won Brexit and Cameron resigned, she hasn’t got really all that political weight, she’s cashing in the fact the Johnson won Brexit and Cameron didn’t want to do “all the s***”. Now she’s bullying around a bit. To Boris Johnson she should only say thanks. Boris Johnson is simply breaking the rule that the Saudis, since they’re rich, they can do what they like from flogging women to puppeteering jihadis in Syria and this is what makes the difference. A difference that Theresa May understands like this: “first rule: if they’re rich, don’t contradict them and don’t name the human rights”.


Tell me who’s a leader among the two, Theresa or Boris?

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