Why Tim Cook must help us doing the sole Brexit worthy the name, the one that cuts completely power from the ECJ. The rest is bla bla…it’s the european judges that have to be de-empowered – Video –

Some people say “The EU is not like fascism, it’s worse” but nevermind, the problem is that it is anti-democratic and with completely arbitrary Court’s judgements, so all the people who want a safe jurisdictional system, for taxations, for rules etc. and also for the money, must give a big hand to deliver the sole Brexit worthy the name: the hard Brexit. I think Tim Cook moved the european HeadQuarter of Apple from Dublin-EU to London-UK precisely for this, and he was followed by Google and Facebook, so they must be very willing to give a hand.

In the above video I also focus on how detached from us the EU commissioners and the so called “Illuminati” are and that we don’t even really know who’s taking decisions, referring to another idea of mine, that these people think to be a sort of Olympus where they are the gods who have to decide for us “poor” humans, very much from upside down and they do not absolutely behave as if they were our representatives, and this is clear, too clear to be accepted. Watch the video and judge by yourself if I don’t say true things.

Please,Tim Cook and the others help us doing the Hard Brexit and closing the EU for yourselves, your businnesses and your pride and also for us. The EU is not even good for making money: it’s complete garbage.

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