NO, dear Guardian, what happened it’s your fault. 2016 sets new record for asylum seekers reaching Italy by boat and it’s all the leftwingers’ fault | World news | The Guardian

I link an article by the Guardian about the immigration crisis, warning that their perspective is wrong. What happened in Libya is their the leftists’ fault, it’s they who supported blindly Obama who ordered to remove Gaddafi and it’s they who blindly went on supporting Hillary Clinton who organized coldly the removal of a dictator who was anyway a legal head of State who kept Libya much better than it is now. It’s the guardianistas’ fault and we put an end to this shame supporting Trump. In any case they have another fault: they oppose the repatriation of the illegal immigrants. I support a right wing government in Italy to deliver three things: repatriation of the illegal immigrants, withdrawal from the eurozone and withdrawal from the EU to reaffirm total national sovereignty. The Guardian has a lot of faults: they never criticized Hillary for the butchery she and their “black President” Obama did and moreover wanted more of their policies, they never condemned the presence of the neocons – Kagan and Nuland pro-Israel war-monger jews who went from Bush’s to Obama’s administration while the guardianistas looked at the fact that Obama was black and Hillary a woman – inside the once leftwing Democratic Party, they pretended not to know and not to see: the Guardian is definitely no longer a courageous newspaper and they should apologize.

Central Mediterranean is once again the main migrant route into Europe, partly due to the chaos of civil war in Libya

Source: 2016 sets new record for asylum seekers reaching Italy by boat | World news | The Guardian

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