Gina Miller was racially abused, but she’s trying to abuse an entire Nation and she shouldn’t have been given the UK nationality so easily.


Gina Miller was racially abused, being called ape and primate but she’s trying to abuse an entire nation and she must lose the same

“The Referendum is not binding” Gina Miller’s club dares to claim, but this is blatantly untrue, the Parliament approved that the Referendum would be binding and Cameron and Osborne stated that they would start the process of exiting the EU on the day after an eventual victory of Leave triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, admitting Brexit would mean staying out of the single market and this is where the Shut Down Budget of Osborne came from. So, they’re all lying, as for Gina Miller she wasn’t born british she was born Guyanese and now wants to damage Britain and offends british patriots, for me Britain should stop handing so easily nationalities and passports to anybody who wants them, these people are not patriots for Britain they just want money from it, people who are given the british nationality must be checked. I don’t like her, she’s trying to abuse an entire Nation, it is necessary that she and her club are defeated. Moreover it is true that the british Constitution gives the prerogative of leaving the EU to the Government as a Royal prerogative and this prerogative was never cancelled from the Constitution, the MPs are “just” representatives of the people and as a Telegraph’s commentator stated “obviously a Referendum that’s direct democracy trumps them”, it’s going to be and must be a hard Brexit: out of the single market and without having to stay under the sphere of influence of the ECJ. Stop.

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