The Man of the Year is clearly Mark Zuckerberg. The Person of the Year, the Leftists know.

I also do the man of the year thing, and if it happens to be a lady I say woman of the year; but this time, ohy ohy, is another guy, again; it’s clearly Mark Zuckerberg.


Man of the Year F&FW’s award

Rather enigmatic facebook’s CEO, who, if really his wardrobe looks like this and it is not a joke, must be also a little psycho:


Tender with the daughter, nice with the wife, he is reported to have just said no to the request of the leftists to censor right wing pieces of information and posts till the point to defy their wrath and this before, not after, Trump won, so, in a moment when the leftists seem to be able to get on a silver plate any head they asked for. And if he voted Hillary he did it really for free speech, for respect for Thiel and not to transform facebook into another dumbed down political correct platform. Trump won the election and to name him man of the year would be obvious, Julian Assange did a lot, Zuckerberg was in a way less obvious and less predictable. Yesteryear I skipped him for Joe Russ Bowman who enlisted my posts in first page when one looked for my name on internet on his This year I can’t skip him:

This year is Zuckerberg.

Freeword And Friends World “ringrazia”.

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