The human traffickers are some NGOs, the italian State under Renzi and the EU. Evidences and video.

Here there are evidences and pieces of information about who’s really trafficking humans:

In October we discovered that four NGOs picked up people in the Libyan territorial waters. We have proof that these smugglers communicated their action in advance with the Italian authorities. Ten hours before the immigrants left Libya, the Italian coast guard directed the NGOs to the “rescue” spot:  Full account  “Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling”

The MOAS organisation has close links with the famous US military contractor “Blackwater”, the US army and the Maltese navy. Full account:“The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe”

There is a full account about the ships involved: “NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya”and how people are encourage to come to Europe: “Death road to Europe promoted on the web”

The EU is a masonic association that’s truly promoting the Kalergy Plan for de-whiting the european population for Kalergy’s conviction that the europeans as long as they remain white they’ll also remain racist. It’s untrue, as a southern italian I can tell you that you can have fascist italians who are not particularly fair skinned and white blue eyed germans who are truly anti-racist, and no one can deny that dark skinned people if not racist they can be just as over proud of themselves and violent like a white hooligan: this, if one wants to see the truth. In any case, given my congratulations to any white who’s in love with a black and marries him/her and if the black is african and the white european obviously the african can have the passport, I have to state that freemasonry or no one else can impose the change, ethnic or cultural, of the european population as an “atonement” of sins, true or not, of the past; the freemasons are putting themselves in the position of God or of a priest that has the duty or even the right to dispense forms of atonement we never asked for. This is unacceptable and dishonorable. Europe belongs to us europeans and if we marry whites or blacks it’s not freemasonry or anyone else that can decide. They are weird and dangerous beyond belief. We must close freemasonry and make a serious enquiry into it – how dare they talk like this about us? – stop picking up immigrants and repatriate all the illegals. Europe is a safe nice place because there are cultural bases that mass immigration is aimed at destroying. We must do the right thing and the right thing is to repatriate the illegals and stop taking more. As for the masons, I’m very serious about them, we must stop them and eventually arrest them, the EU must be closed as a punishment; they used our money and our good faith to try and destroy us ethnically and culturally. The EU must be closed. And also freemasonry.

In Italy we have just pulled out Renzi and Alfano who did this shame, now we aim at a Right wing government to protect Italy and therefore Europe from the invasion; elect right wing governments you too.

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