Women’s independence doesn’t depend entirely on women it depends also on men: this is why we don’t want to share Europe with arabic men.


Rape rates in Sweden: changing the ethnic and cultural composition of the population has brought to the above result.

Another rape by an afghan refugee against a poor little german woman, name Maria, long blond hair, daughter of an idiot who sent her doing the volunteer in a refugee centre, where the poor refugees had to be helped, an afghan migrant raped her, not at the centre, but waited for her to come back home on a bicycle after a Party.

I always said: why do you think in Afghanistan and Pakistan women wear burqas? Because they see a burqa and a Versace and say “I prefer the burqa”? Idiot, they are forced. They are “punished” with gang rape if they rebel to the real and cruel patriarchy not the thing we’ve got here.

In Sweden swedish girls were so proud till a couple of years ago as an italian sometimes I found them boring, I have travelled and swedish women travelled too, it was all about how in Sweden they are like men, while in Italy we were not so independent as they, personally after a while I found them uselessly boring and self-complimentary, now they are the most raped women in Europe out of Swedish and UN data, and at the second place in the world: they changed men, scandinavian men let them do, the new arabic men they bring as refugees rape them like they do at home in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a punishment for being too bold. And I tell them: vote Sweden Democrats and send back all these people where they come from if you want to survive, I want strongly Hofer and then Strache to win in Austria because I know the situation we’re facing and the EU, just like a part of the swedish establishment, would like to censor the press introducing new hate speech crimes that state basically that you should deny that european men are much cooler about independent women than arabic men, no matter the evidence. I don’t want to share my land with these people. God have mercy on us, the leftists can live with them if they like – and they don’t – but cannot impose this cohabitation to us. If it is about choice, they the leftists can choose to live togetehr with the muslims themselves, but they cannot, must not be able to impose this cohabitation to us who state that we don’t trust them and don’t want them, in the end they are europeans the leftists but they are not the owners of Europe. And also the fact that they want the police not to communicate to the public the data about the ethnic background of the rapists means they know they are lying when they talk about peace and prejudice and cohabitation. And if they know they are lying they also know they are guilty: they must stop, I say often we should stop them, but I believe they should be honest enough and stop by themselves, they know perfectly how they live in Aghanistan and Pakistan and Morocco and they fool themselves when they say that women “want” to wear burqas; I am a woman and I can state a woman can really choose whether to wear jeans and leather jacket or a pretty pink dress, but the burqa… they don’t fool anyone. Moreover it’s evident they cannot choose or they get seriously injured. To say the least.

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