Let’s face the truth about Assad, he is protecting syrian christians and liberal muslims and even middle eastern non-believers while Obama and Boris Johnson push jihadis.



I want to be frank about Assad, I support him, he is protecting really christians, liberal muslim and even non believers who elsewhere in the Middle East are beheaded, while it was the Obama administration and now strangely Boris Johnson who want to topple him and support jihadis and throat-cutters because Assad opposes in Syria the extension of the power of the Rothschild bankers, I am sick of all this parody, I know what’s going on and I’m a christian and a woman: they have to stop supporting jihadis all across the middle east to try and topple Rothschild’s enemies, Assad is good and if he’s not good he’s normal or anyway much more normal than the jihadis supported by Nuland and Kagan and the dying away Obama administration. The scandalous refusal of visa to the UK to three syrian christian bishops when every cat and dog from Islam has been allowed in, even the muslim brotherhood, who have infected Obama’s administration and everybody knows it, through that woman who was friend with Hillary Clinton, that Huma Abedin whose very brother is a leader of the muslim brotherhood who in Egypt want to ban christianity, well I am disgusted at Obama, at Huma, at Hillary and also at the UK, they have become the parody of what they used to be, they obey to Rothschild like slaves while repeating lies about who breaks the human rights and who doesn’t. It’s about time all this ends, it must end. Rothschild must be de-throned, all the clan. I’m sick to death of them.

I can’t see why Bashar Al Assad and his wife have to be banned from the European Union while every pig from Saudi Arabia can come. Anyway I want Italy to exit the European Union, I just can’t stand their hypocrisy any longer. I truly can’t stand their faces when they dare and talk about “human rights”.

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