Hofer and Strache must win: This is the Day.


Hofer and Strache,  ironically, ” St. Peter and Paul” of the Right, they laugh the cunning types, but they have reasons to laugh, the Left has paved their way.

This is the day that the anti-masonic powers take over; there are people like Michael Deacon who say how is it possible that rich white guys claim to be anti-elite? What’s elite? Yes, it’s true, obviously Trump is elite, but it’s a clean part of it or a part of it that tries to be clean with all of his human weaknesses that we humans have, but a human weakness is not a pact with the devil; what we’re fighting against is the power of the freemasonry that has infiltrated our institutions till trying to trigger a self destruction code, maybe even Bush junior who didn’t vote for Hillary secretly would like to get rid of them who knows? Certainly Trump, as rich as he is, he’s not Skull & Bones, and Hofer and Strache are no masons. We are taking over and honestly for a Bergoglio who takes it easy in Rome, though many people say his comfortable position won’t last, well we must protect christians where they are beheaded and we need people like Strache also, and overall, to keep christians and also, let’s say it, non-believers safe in Europe. If I were silly I wouldn’t do it, for the Brenner, but I’m no silly and Strache is very smart, the Left, piloted by strange anti-christic masons for whom anything, from hardline Islam to goddess kali is better than “white christians” and we don’t even know why, if we let them do they’d build a mosque at the Brenner and it wouldn’t be neither Italian nor Austrian, so give me one hundred times Strache, then we’ll see later, I prefer to have to do with the kind of his and not with one million muslims, let us not be silly: vote Hofer, you please. For all their look like St Peter and Paul of the Right and their smart, cunning, almost feline -particularly Strache- laugh, for which one may think honestly: “you lucky bastards”, the Left has brought us to the point we must vote them and support them really, the alternative is mosques all across Europe and the diminishing of our rights, and we’re even lucky they’re there. Let’s hope and pray they’ll do right. But they must win.

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