To all the people who claim Britain needs immigrants…excuse me, how many? And why don’t you let the people you’ve got in Britain work instead of letting them doing nothing and take more immigrants?

I’m sick of the people who claim they “need” more immigrants to Britain to fill vacancies and to choose the best in the world to clean toilets; now we’re not really talking about a firm who needs a chinese speaker to sell goods to China, I’d understand you don’t find the hyper-qualified chinese-english speaker with moreover a university degree in economics, no, we are talking about normal jobs and about Britain being already full of people who hang on benefits and do nothing at all, or of immigrants with several wives and children and brothers and sisters all scroungers, why don’t you make them work? Why can’t you stop with this fucking migrants and benefits-scrounger obsession?


George Osborne is very much hated and wrong in many respects but he also said the truth about the scroungers-benefit system and immigration.

Really sometimes I miss “the” Chancellor Osborne, he’s wicked and a remainer but sometimes said the truth about immigration and benefits. And to all the remainers in the world, I have to say that if the House of Lords hadn’t scrapped Osborne’s cuts to the benefits system Brexit wouldn’t even had won, but they no, they must talk about racism, like that idiot and superficial person of Diane Abbott, never talk about economy and the economic impact of EU sistematic immigration; the brexiteers were right, the system would crash down and also Cameron and Osborne weren’t very much “convincing” in pushing remain basically because they knew that without the benefits’ cuts Brexit would really save money and remain would make them lose, this is why Mandelson said Cameron fought with a spoon at a knife fight, the spoon was what he and Osborne were left with.

And they even lost reputation and career for it. I wouldn’t have done it, I would tell the Lords and Mandelson: “here’s the spoon, now go and fight”.

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