The Difference is in the number: the Jews will always be a minority, the muslims can become billions. – Growing Far-Right Nationalistic Movements Are Anti-Muslim — and Pro-Israel Glenn Greenwald says.

I have to link this beautiful article by Glenn Greenwald on the Intercept, where he expresses concerns about the alliance that he deems quite unholy between european far right wingers and israeli politicians. Particularly Netanyahu’s related. Well there are two things that I would like Greewald to examine honestly, the israeli society, though jewish, is very mixed and risks to be unbalanced at risk of western Jews, the ones who represent the modern part of society, well these people feel themselves surrounded by muslims and with an inner problem, the Jews who are not and don’t want to live like westerners, most of them white and ethnically, they may like it or not, eastern european, these people don’t mix well with the western living Jews and on the other side there are the muslims, it is obvious that the Jews who want to live like westerners in Israel look for some friends somewhere and the Left is anti-Israel. There is another point, which is called “number” though you pretend it doesn’t count. The Jews will never be a majority anywhere but in Israel while the muslims are hundreds of millions and risk to become billions, so they must be stopped entering and colonizing Europe no matter what Obama says. Furthermore, the muslims can get very arrogant, also their women in a hijab they judge as slags the western women who don’t wear it and honestly Glenn, I don’t let myself be judged by a stupid slave woman who doesn’t understand she is living at an inferior level condition because of her for me useless religion. Islam does not belong to Europe and never will, in this Hofer is right. I am sorry for individual muslims who are also  kind, I don’t deny it, but the number is getting high and like this we risk to lose control, add that the Left has pushed the accelerator on immigration calling it refugee crisis and trying to abolish the borders of the nations to try to hand power over to the masonic controlled UN and EU: we must vote Right wing.

The common cause between the international “alt-right” movement and the Israeli government is not difficult to understand.

Source: Growing Far-Right Nationalistic Movements Are Dangerously Anti-Muslim — and Pro-Israel

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