NO must win: I don’t want other two years of Renzi in power like this. It’s untrue that it doesn’t count that he resigns.


Tony Barber’s “bridge to nowhere” referred to Renzi’s promises was very spot on, though lately the FT has changed their minds and support the YES.

Even my dearest intellectual Blondet is tempted to vote yes at the upcoming Referendum, I told you some right wingers are tempted by the powers the reform gives to the Prime Minister, but I am not willing to confirm this government of human traffickers and banksters for other two years, it is untrue that it doesn’t count: Renzi must resign and we must stop Frontex and repatriate the immigrants. The Financial Times sticks to Renzi again after criticizing the Reform, basically because hey, “they” put him there and now they defend him.

They chat about international laws and our duties towards migrants and the international community, I want nothing of the kind, we must leave the EU and put back the UN in its place, advisory role and possibly with modesty. We must exit the EU and the eurozone and the fact that the Financial Times says the opposite doesn’t mean anything; it is clear that we want Italy for ourselves they want Italy to be shared with other cultures, that would mean that we lose territory and I don’t like it.

Forza Hofer in Austria and Forza NO. Then Forza Italia and Northern League and Brothers of Italy will do the government.

It is not true that Salvini “cannot be Prime Minister” he can, but since we cannot suddenly put Berlusconi at the Quirinal, we keep the balance of power putting Salvini at the Inner Affairs – Home Office – Brunetta at the Treasury, Berlusconi PM, if he likes, because Silvio you have a pace-maker, if for you it’s ok, I just want to win, but last time we did win and the Troika didn’t let us govern and used the spread for bullying us; we did wrong joining the eurozone and the EU because we gave to third parties the right to bully us and black mail us, we must talk frankly with the other italians and retake those powers: exiting the EU. We must never leave again a third party bully us like that. As for the Brexit is in the mud, now they talk about paying into the EU budget and “needing” immigrants which means also David Davis may have been “contacted” by the henchmen of the Rothschilds, while Boris Johnson wants to remove Putin and Assad and he’s left alone because both we in continental Europe and Trump in the USA want no Gaddafi bis. But if we win in Italy, Hofer and Strache in Austria, Marine LePen in France we’ll end up taking over the Council of Europe and put our own commissioners and expel the masons like Juncker and Mogherini from Brussels. Even like this, the euro must be broken. It’s a mess, but they did it, not we. The EU is so badly structured that even if Marine LePen were president of Commission and we had many right wing commissioners we should exit the same from the eurozone and the quotas/sanctions system.

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