The EU about to crumble if we vote NO, the euro could collapse…how many times have you heard this? Let’s face it, the EU and the euro are always about to collapse because they are badly constructed.


Mario Draghi warns the EU may fall if we vote NO. Let it fall, then, it’s the EU that doesn’t work properly.

Mario, Mario…the EU and the euro are…about to collapse. Really?

It just happens too often; anytime there is a vote, a decision: either strict austerity, near imposition of poverty or..the EU will collapse. Let it collapse then. I can’t remember that the Lira was always about to crumble down and you know it. It could lose valor, be inflationated etc. but never “collapse” even Italy or Germany, with all our problems we were never about to collapse, now this EU is always about to die, the eurozone was born in a crisis and is always about to disintegrate, too much for a currency, let’s face it: it’s the EU and even more the eurozone that are always about to collapse for their “personal” structural defects. It’ll never work. Not even in the future, it is better to close them now than to try to force people making extreme sacrifices to make them live another couple of years until another blow will make them collapse: It’s not that we italians have to accept an indecent electoral reform that gives one party an astonishing 54% of undeserved seats in the parliament, with just maybe 25% or 30% of the votes and swallow a “sticky” almost and useless unelected Senate “otherwise the eurozone collapses”. Why does it collapse only if I don’t want an unelected Senate, make me understand? There’s nothing to understand if not that it’s the euro that has structural deep defects and honestly we better revert to a decent national currency we’ve got gold enough and he Draghi knows it, we can afford much better than the euro; we’ve got – and I wrote it also in italian – so much gold we could revert to the Taler if we wanted and if we don’t it’s just because that kind of currency cannot be devalued, so we could have another Lira, with a true valor and the possibility of being devalueted by a Treasury Minister, both the Taler and the Lira would be one million times better than the euro. Let it fall. I refuse to be poor, you Mario do what you like.

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