Ask yourself why I who am Italian-speaking Italian support Hofer & Strache: Human Rights Watch denounces EU anti terror laws that make it a crime to just “visit terrorist websites” but then lists anti-EU and anti-establishment websites as terrorist.

One may think I am silly: I am campaigning for Hofer and the FPOe to win in Austria, but I am italian, italian speaking italian. It’s not that I want to give them what they call the SudTyrol, I’m not an idiot. I don’t give them anything and the land southern than the Brenner is Italy, if people want to be austrians they can move northern than the Brenner, on the other side, but the Brenner remains the boundary point. I can make a war for that and I don’t want to, because really, there are so many people who detest Hofer and Strache that if they take something from me who am helping them it means they’re idiots.

But it’s not just that, I am terrified, truly terrified at the EU: I want the EU to close. And Hofer and Strache can give a big hand to close it. No matter what they said, no matter the rest, the EU is really dictatorial, they don’t want us to control the borders, because they say it’s “racism” then in the chaos they want such anti-terror laws that include anti-EU and anti-establishment movements in the list of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers and to make a crime to just visit such websites classified by them as terrorist and even to criminalize protest movements. I must support Strache and I must support Geert Wilders and Marine LePen too, the EU we must close it and then meet again among europeans to decide what to do if to trade without tariffs and allowing easy visas etc. but the masonic EU cannot be reformed it’s a giant that must be killed: exit and kill it before they kill completely democracy which is their aim. Ask yourself why I support Strache. And you should support him too, if an italian asks you, think about it.

SINISTER plans to criminalise “political dissent” against the EU project took a step closer to becoming reality today, prompting a dismayed response from free speech campaigners.

Source: European Union: Human Rights Watch voices concern over EU anti terror laws | Politics | News | Daily Express

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