Month: December 2016

The Alt-Right’s Leader Richard Spencer’s extreme success is entirely George Soros’s fault. And when I say Alt Right I mean the Nazi Salute, the Sieg Heil in code, the Lugenpresse. I don’t mean Milo.

I don’t mean Milo, I mean Richard Spencer, I mean the roman salute the Hail Victory which is a clean translation of “Sieg Heil”, the Lügenpresse for meaning the once mainstream media. And it’s Soros’s fault. It’s not Soros’s fault… Read More ›

About the “Holy Land”. Is it possible that we Christians are excluded from any Game? Why should we ask permission to either Jews or Muslims for entering Jerusalem? Christians must go self centered.

We Christians have been weakened by the jewish presence in Europe and USA through their long arm freemasonry. Honestly we have endured movies about Crusaders where the crusaders were the bad ones, now we are enduring the jews paying the… Read More ›

Sorry, Ami – Horowitz – but it’s not the muslims who founded the UN, the muslims were drawn into it and everybody knew their culture. The Jews and the masons have embroiled themselves by themselves.

  I like Ami Horowitz’s style but, it’s pretty useless that he pretends to be stunned at the UN strange attitude towards human rights, because everybody knows that the muslim nations, far from being interested in founding anything like the UN… Read More ›

Italian Heroes who shot down the islamist Terrorist are far right wingers and the Minister of the Inner Affairs Marco Minniti, praised them, shook hands, told everybody and then asked facebook to shut down their facebook’s profiles.

So much for a hero in 2016, in the political correct fuss there’s a problem, a storm in a teacup, Scatà the wounded police officer and Movio the shooter were…far right wingers, so after the Minister of the Inner Affair Marco Minniti,… Read More ›