It might seem extreme but the new way of communication is direct, can you remember the “feud” about what “Twisted Transistor” meant? Well it’s the same difference between the internet and the Alt Right on one side and the left and television on the other.

It’s a bit sexist and also quite rude but it explains well the difference between the internet and the Alt Right on one side and television and the left on the other: The song is Twisted Transistor that Korn, television and the record label always said – lying – that it was about a  lonely girl who closed in her room listened to music from a transistor radio and felt better and the music helped her, but bad rude people said no “it’s about a woman using a vibrator to masturbate because she’s alone”, now I just give you the music and lyrics:

The Alt Right is the bad rude people who say she’s a loner who’s using a vibrator etc. the left and the snowflakes are television and the record label who say “no, you evil minded alt right pigs, she’s lonely and it’s about how music helps her and she falls deep into the music the twisted trasistor she clings on is a radio, you pigs”. Then the rude alt right winger says: “and why does she keep the radio between her legs?”, at this point the leftists start saying “you sexist and racist, you voted Trump, this country has become racist and sexist ever since Trump won, Trump is not my president”. Aka they do not answer the question, but want facebook to prohibit the opinion for the hate crime of sexism. This is the situation. On internet people say what they really think and they are uncensored, moreover they convince more people because they talk about the details of the song or of other things, the leftists lose because they lie and they want no-platforming, they just would like that, if not all internet, at least facebook and the social media would turn totally lefty and offer the same level of censorship that MSNBC provides them. If there is a free debate they ususally lose.

Another detail, to all the leftists & snowflakes, now you say there is sexism, what about the songs, the hard rock and rap songs, till a couple of years ago? How have you survived? I honestly can’t remember people committing suicide for this and those were really sexist songs, but people either laughed or reproached the people who talked like that or, like me when my school-mates went too far, exited the room, but suicide… no, no one really ever committed suicide for that, and you know it. Five years Trump and they’ll say “Rock is back”. Probably sooner than five years, it’s basically already back.

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