Ambrose Evans Pritchard “Fears Italy may need 40bl bail-out for its banks and if the populists win…” yes and if Renzi wins instead? Can it be any better? No, it can’t because we must exit and stop.


Matteo Renzi desperate italian Prime Minister

I’m a bit fed up with the people who pretend, knowingly, the problem of Europe is “the populists” or in Italy Beppe Grillo not to mention the “far right”; from their comfortable positions in their offices where they pay you £200.000 per year or maybe more, they lie cool, Ambrose Evand Pritchard is one of those who lie less, tries just to please the bosses keeping using populist instead of democratic but still manages to insert some truth in his articles. The populists are not the problem, the EU and the eurozone are the real problem. Even Golden Dawn didn’t, couldn’t reduce Greece into a third world mess, the EU could, the EU did. So don’t be cheap.

Let’s say like this,

what if Renzi wins? And stays in power other two years? Will he solve the problem? No, because the problem is the euro and Renzi will do like Tsipras, he will allow us getting poor but he will stay in the eurozone which is the worst thing to do. Poor Beppe Grillo has the guts to say we must exit and we must, also from the EU, and you know what? I know Padoan knows Beppe Grillo is right, but he wants to stay in the crew of the few ones who will be paid well to lie. They won’t pay the bill, they’ll do like Tsipras, they’ll hand the bill to me. I don’t pay it: I want out. I don’t vote Grillo, I’ll vote more populist, we are going to re-organize the Right and exit. To exit for us is just as necessary as for Britain maybe more, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Hail the populists. Padoan won’t save us. What I mean is: what’s the point in listing the sins of the euro structure, to say that Italy must exit or it will end up like Greece to then attack the few politicians who have the guts to say they want to put it practice? Only because they’re not freemasonry-approved? They cannot be freemasonry-approved because it is clear that it is freemasonry – Renzi, Paodan, Napolitano to name quite a few – who did the mess and they better let the “others” that they call “profane” – because they tell you not to “otherise” the other but they do otherise all the non masons – well they’d let them/us die but not put themselves one mason against  another. You too Ambrose.

But I don’t give a fuck. Vote “populist”. Everywhere. I want to see if I win or they win. And I’ll win. Again. I’ll be more specific: this website is also positivist, things must work and be done in practice, if the only politicians who have the guts to exit the eurozone and the EU in practice are Grillo and Salvini I’ll choose among Grillo and Salvini, and I chose the team Salvini, Meloni, Berlusconi because Grillo is unpredictable while on the right there are “normal” politicians and also good economists like Renato Brunetta, I respect Grillo and if I had to choose Grillo vs Renzi I’d choose him, but I prefer a normal right wing government and I back the equivalent also outside Italy, so Salvini, Berlusconi, Meloni and Co. can be friends and allied with Strache, Hofer, Trump and Wilders etc. Salvini is already a good friend of Marine LePen’s and they all want peace with Russia. Padoan, I leave him to you Ambrose, when he comes to London I know in what clubs he’s welcome; you are brothers, I’m not your sister.

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