Calexit? Really? California outside of the USA would turn into another Mexico in 15 years…Come on.


They haven’t got the guts to defend the border, they have allowed clandestine immigrants vote for Hillary – which is a third world level thing out of metaphor – now with a real “Calexit”, Californian trans would let go the border with Mexico totally and California would become another Mexico in less than 15 years. And without anyone fit for the Army being the american Army full of sturdy republican boys: they make me sick. I would punish them letting them do it; who does the military service among the californian safe spaced youth? What will they do with the mexicans flooding the country unstopped for lack of republicans? I don’t push this button only out of respect for Trump, he and Pence won and now I don’t want them to be humiliated, but to see all those liberal safe spaced leftists ruled and run over by the mexicans would be fun. Truly.

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