Auschwitz survivor paid by Alexander Van der Bellen to tell people not to vote Strache. Chelsea supporters still sing anti-semitic songs, in the meantime the refugee crisis. How Europe can be saved only by the Right wing just as well, I’m sorry for the Auschwitz survivor, but I don’t hang myself for her.

Another Auschwitz survivor, if it is true ’cause she wanted to be called Gertrude which is not her real name and cannot be identified to check her story, well she was recruited, a bit vulgarly I must say, by Alexander van Der Bellen to tell people not to vote Strache. Or better Hofer now on the 4th of December and then Strache next general elections, honestly I would vote them just the same, the Auschwitz survivors have lost their appeal on society lately, particularly due to the refugee crisis, it is reported that Van der Bellen went looking for one because he’s losing in the polls. In London on the tube white thugs sang today anti-semitic songs because they support Chelsea Football team against Tottenham, I read on a comment that in the seventies Celtic Vs Rangers was still much worse; what can I do? There is still some anti-semitism but it cannot be changed giving the head of the continent to Turkey, that’s literally trying to invade Greece – poor Greece – shipping immigrants. I’m not saying the Auschwitz survivor can move to Israel if she doesn’t like Austria or Germany but this thing is her choice, we europeans are bad, it’s true, come on it’s true we’re racist, it is also true that catholic whites vs protestant whites was extraordinarily hateful and both groups were white other than christians, I’m not denying we are truly a bunch of fair skinned animals, I cannot help it till the end and the refugee crisis I don’t want it the same: God have mercy on us. We cannot, must not give in Europe, the “others” wouldn’t be much nicer to us than we’ve ever been to them. At this point it’s self defence, please vote Strache.

Here below a song about how white right wingers feel…particularly if they’re also straight males…

Don’t take it bad and vote Strache.

Mörtel statt Silikon für die Worseg Vision Academy Charity

HC Strache on the Left with friend on the Right

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