We must revert to the unlimited use of Cash.


Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in Two Guns

I’m sick of banks and credit cards: I want my money; both me, my brother and my mother had problems with the use of a credit card; in one case the PIN didn’t work in another case the cards were de-magnetized, in Greece the greek citizens had de facto their own money robbed by Frankfurt ECB because of the mishandling of the euro-crisis. In any case if we had had the possibility to use cash we would have our money in a safe at home; the cash don’t belong to Rothschild, they are depriving us of the free use of our money. The Greeks would be free from the slavery towards the Troika they are in now if they could use unlimited cash. In the meantime jihadis and drug dealers have their bank accounts perfectly working, people say they get paid by a Rothshcild’s bank from Tel Aviv financial hub so the concept that the use of cash raises crime is inconsistent, at present the throat cutters and drugs dealers are regularly paid, while normal citizens cannot withdraw their own money and we do not trust the bankers.

We must revert to the unlimited use of cash like in the eighties, we must be free to buy houses and cars and everything in cash, unlimited. In Greece tourists should have paid in cash the hotels and the restaurants and everything and there still would be some economy running, with cash the banks, the Troika, the ECB cannot bully anyone, the Cyprus and Greece situation would be impossible. And we would be free to pay and buy.

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