Let’s have a frank talk about Norbert Hofer and the “nazi” symbols. The “fear” of a far right surge has become a hope. To get rid of the immigrants.


Zac Goldsmith interviewed at LBC

I link down here an interview, a little bit of, to Zac Goldsmith about the possibility of a surge of the real far right in Britain too, in the eventuality that disgracefully the british Parliament or even worse the House of Lords try to botch Brexit, click and listen it’s just 1 minute and 33


Now I understand Zac till a certain point, further than that I must confess I just don’t fear, I hope the far right to surge everywhere because of the immigrants and refugee crisis.

Bu what about Norbert Hofer? The cornflower is suspected of being a crypto nazi symbol because of a big swastika made of cornflowers. In reality the cornflower is a symbol of pan germanism before nazism, a symbol that prizes the reunification of german speaking people in Europe:

The blue cornflower is also one of the national flowers of Germany. This is partly due to the story that when Queen Louise of Prussia was fleeing Berlin and pursued by Napoleon’s forces, she hid her children in a field of cornflowers and kept them quiet by weaving wreaths for them from the flowers. The flower thus became identified with Prussia, not least because it was the same color as the Prussian military uniform. After the unification of Germany in 1875, it went on to become a symbol of the country as a whole. For this reason, in Austria the blue cornflower is a political symbol for pan-German and rightist ideas. Members of the Freedom Party wore it at the opening of the Austrian parliament in 2005.

What’s the point? The point is that these things are not scandalous anymore because the leftists have wittingly abolished the moderate politicians all across Europe and left alive only the far leftists who want no-borders and the far rightists who want nationalism, and the far rightists are by far the less dangerous, Corbyn has praised a communist dictator like Fidel Castro right today, they just don’t get that they were wrong too, the lefty push for no-borders has brought moderate people to find a protection into far right parties, as Zac Goldsmith might have noticed, even in Britain the leftists try to polarize the political situation, by threatening non extremist candidates, both Chuka Ummuna running for the Labour Leadership and Raheem Kassam for UKIP’s have stepped down hinting, not even so subtly that their relatives had been intimidated; now Raheem Kassam would have built bridges between white right wingers and black and non white communities de-polarizing the political scene, but the leftists didn’t want this, as for Chuka Ummuna he was induced with gangsta style methods to step down and now there is Corbyn who praises Fidel Castro as a leader of the Labour Party. What I mean is: the leftists want to polarize the political scene, it’s not happening by chance, it happened also in Italy, and now there is just the hard right, Beppe Grillo and the no-border left. Berlusconi who’s politically a moderate was treated worse than all the others and you can check it, I still wish every well to Silvio.

The hard right is the least dangerous option, since the left has reverted to mafia style threats to eliminate the moderates, this means that the left is worse.

What’s happening in fact is the leftists accusing everybody of being a nazi, for example politicians who want a certain number of immigrants and refugees but not all, they are already called nazis because they are supposed to take them all and to abolish the borders of the Nation which would be a self destruction mode for the country, well they end up leaving alive only the real far right wingers who at this point are even anyway better than they; in Germany AfD is treated like NPD. In Britain you have the situation under your eyes. They try to make people accept the hard left by making them feel guilty for voting hard right and after having on purpose eliminated the moderates, they are wicked, aren’t they? But now God or the destiny tricked them: people don’t feel guilty voting hard right and they lost all the power of influence they used to have on society.

There is a song by the Afghan Whigs that explains this feeling and it starts with the line:

I warn you, if cornered I’ll scratch my way out of the pen…

and in the middle of it there is another line that I switch to feminine.

You think I’m scared of men well maybe, but I’m not afraid of you..

You want to scare me then you’ll cling to me no matter what I do

And this is what the leftists do, you can give them Norbert Hofer or Raheem Kassam and for them it’s the same because they want no-borders, not respect, they want the right to do an invasion, and this right neither Hofer or me or Kassam will ever give them “they cling ot us no matter what we do” At this point they better keep Hofer, I don’t care and I suppose Raheem kassam or Zac Goldsmith don’t care either. The leftists deserve it and moreover Hofer is not a real nazi. He might have had nazis in his family tree but so have many europeans.

If you want to listen to the song click at 25:00 minutes, I chose this video for the audio quality is good.

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