Donald and his Team are Great, but the patriots in the institutions must watch out. The traitors want to use this last month in “power” to destroy relationship with Russia. Ukraine set missiles on russian territories and criminal EU is on their side. They want WWIII before Donald can save it.


Peace with beautiful and christian Russia. Now they’re not communist anymore and we want to be friends.

This is a difficult post, but I must warn the Donald and his Team, they are doing great, all of them from Jared Kushner to Mike Pence – hey Mike, I’m also against abortion and the gender anthropology, I’m a great fan of yours – but all the happiness and hope the bad ones want to destroy them in one month, I found on this website that I often quote Blondet & Friends that Ukraine has set real missiles on Crimean aka russian federation’s territory and is about to launch them, the wicked EU is on their side and promised the Ukraines visa free travel to the EU against the dutch referendum; Donald and Team, they are trying to put you with a WWIII already started when you go in office, and patriot’s blog reports that Soros bot funds Stein recount at staggering $ 160.000 per hour. Please all patriots in the institutions block this war, they cannot leave Donald Trump and us all with this thing already done. Moreover I detest fucking Kiev regime: we don’t want you, we want peace with Russia. Crimea is russian federation and I want to leave the EU, in Brussels they do wrong things, we italians have nothing against Russia, and these little ukraines they really show off svastikas, Hofer was criticised for wearing an austrian cockade with an innocent flower that the leftists say it’s a hidden symbol of the svastikas, the ukraines wear real svastikas and they are friends with the leftists…

Someone stop them, God bless.

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