This is ridiculous, if Greece doesn’t take them the migrants can die away, the EU is fucked with all its “values” no one cares about them any longer: Erdogan threatens to open Turkey’s borders to Europe in protest at EU

I link you this article by the Telegraph, Erdogan threatens to open the borders of Turkey to the migrants; and so what? The problem was never Erdogan, it’s the greek leftists who took the immigrants, with a little quite disturbing help by the israeli “charity” Israid just to fuel a bit more antisemitism, well if you don’t pick them and don’t transport them from Kos to the mainland they can die away and stop trying. I’m not the only one sick, fed up, with the supposed EU values, no one cares anymore, if Erdogan “opens” the doors to migrants they’ll die in the sea and if they don’t for Greece takes them they’ll be blocked by the Visegrad Four, that are about to become five with a big addition: Austria, Norbert Hofer says he wants to join. The EU is fucked, Mogherini and Juncker disgust us. They make me vomit: taking clandestine immigrants and bring loads of refugees to Europe is not a value. If Greece takes them, and it’s not obliged, Greece can keep them. Erdogan was always the excuse of the globalists for bringing migrants to Europe, it is obvious that thanks to Erdogan the migrants wouldn’t go beyond Kos or a drowning in the sea. And that would  – or better will – stop them. With the soothing thought that in any case the overall number of the drowned ones will diminish until zero. In any case the EU must be closed for what it has caused.

The Turkish President on Friday threatened to throw open Turkey’s borders to illegal migrants after the European Parliament voted to back a freeze in membership talks with Ankara.

Source: Erdogan threatens to open Turkey’s borders to Europe in protest at EU

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