Jews must decide whether they want to be Israelis or diaspora: nothing justifies their lefty complaints for us to be right-wing. If they don’t like us they must go to Israel and show their love for diversity there.

The lefty Jews make me sick: I call for the abolition of the double nationality and everybody to decide: nothing keeps you here in the West, if you don’t like us nazis and fascists you can, better you must go to Israel keeping only the israeli nationality and show off your lefty liberal values there. They the liberal Jews are vile, hateful and I despise them. They live on the cushion that Israel is a jewish state, but they prefer to cry their fears and love of diversity here in Europe. You know what? Dear diaspora rabbis and lefty professors? I can be as much Right wing as I like and if you don’t like me fuck off to Israel and tell Liebermann to be leftist. You have no right to bring muslim immigrants to my country. Everybody is sick of you.

With Bannon’s appointment as chief strategist, there’s no denying that Jews have transformed virtually overnight from insiders to outsiders, Chemi Shalev writes.

Source: Steve Bannon Signals Coming Storm for Jews in Age of Donald Trump – Opinion –

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