We’ve got the feeling that we are living under the oppression of an occupying foreign power whose operatives wear the clothes of our representatives and whose leaders are israeli bankers, the Rothschilds.


Jacob Rothschild, leader of the occupying foreign nation we must get rid of.

The italian President of the Republic, even if Renzi loses the referendum, doesn’t want to send us italians to new general elections, he’s plotting – and I say plotting – just another, the number x “technical government” that means unelected, with people chosen by him. Not even a King ever dared what the italian Presidents of the Republic dare: they choose Prime Ministers among people they like, and that we italians never saw, never wanted; in my opinion Italy is not a democracy anymore, and I mean it technically.

In Britain, they give themselves more airs, but the situation is similar, unelected PM who’s doing the opposite of what the Britons voted for: she’s hypocrite, talks right wing and acts leftwing, talks about Brexit, does not deliver it and finds agreements with the EU Boss Juncker for putting english men at the European Migration office; why? If Britain is about to take control of its own borders and cuts ties from Brussels?

All these people: Renzi, Theresa May, Philip Hammond, not to mention Mr. Mattarella – the infamous italian president of the Republic – just wear the clothes and take the wages as our representatives, in reality obey to someone else and behave like operative agents of an occupying foreign power that gives them orders against the people of Italy; we cannot vote, we have to swallow another “technic government” why? Or against the people of Britain for that.

The leaders of this movement are really foreigners, they are israelis, it’s the Rothschild bankers.

Israelis and zionists they give orders of self destruction to their operatives: Theresa May, Matteo Renzi etc. They behave like a foreign occupying military power, boots on the ground with kalashnikov they force the italian and british and french “authorities” going against the will and the interests of the italian, british, french people. This is what’s really happening; they do it with money: buying, bribing, blackmailing, and “our” representatives do like George Soros who helped the nazis against the other jews.

While Israel occupies illegally territories in Palestine.

Ever since there is the state of Israel the power of the jewish bankers through the double nationals and freemasonry raised much too much.

Israel and the zionist bankers must be considered the real enemies. They do behave like an occupying foreign nation in the West. They are bringing the migrants to the West and it’s their agents who are taking our money to settle the immigrants in our land. They do like George Soros with the other jews, being one of them, he helped the enemy take their possessions.

Theresa May must be removed. And not only her.

Consider this, dear Readers, what happened to Andrea Leadsome, to Raheem Kassam, the attacks undergone by the same Nigel Farage, his wife had to revert to her maiden name or she would be assaulted as well, or also to Chuka Ummuna when he tried to become leader of the Labour Party: attacked, destroyed, insulted, blackmailed. Why didn’t Theresa May undergo any critique? Any attack? Any “scandal”? Andrea Leadsome’s scandal was really a scandal? That a mother is proud of her children is this a scandal? Theresa May was the candidate of Rothschild appointed not to deliver Brexit while lying and trying to fool us, this is why she wasn’t attacked by the press like the others, all the others.

Israel and the jewish bankers are the enemies, Israel and the jewish bankers must be destroyed. Nevermind Hitler. Can we win? Yes of course, it’s easier than it seems, look at what Orban did:

Hungary becomes first european country to ban Rothschild banks

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