Renzi deserves all our Contempt.


Matteo Renzi

Renzi and his ministers, Boschi and the rest, deserve all our contempt.

As you can see from the post precedent this one, african men in Turin, all men, come with Frontex, create riots, insult the italians and want “money from the government” this is what Renzi and Alfano are constantly taking from Libya, this is what their lords, the Trilateral Commission and the Rothschild bankers want to fill Italy with and Renzi, who never won an election, is doing it, stubbornly goes on taking african young men and brings them here and says he’s helping, saving the refugees and says we italians, who never voted him, never wanted him, have to live with them. I don’t want them and Italy is getting physically ruined. These thugs are demanding, money and no one wants them in their neighbourhood, the lefty traditional voters don’t want them in the spots of the country where they live and often obtain that they will be moved somewhere else. But will these people have the courage, the guts, to vote Right wing next time? Will they finally support Mr. Matteo Salvini who’s the only candidate in first line against illegal immigration and talks openly about deporting them back to Africa? These people have no right to stay in Europe and Renzi brings them here only to obey the globalists who put him, in our place, where he is. I hope and pray that all the italians will vote NO at the upcoming Referendum and then Right wing all the way.

For Renzi only contempt.

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