Dear Britons, the EU Commission has just appointed an englishman, Simon Mordue, as Vice Director General for Migration and Home Affairs.They behave as if you weren’t exiting, and Theresa May knows it.


Simon Mordue appointed EU commissioner and briton. The EU and Theresa May go on like the citizens don’t count

Dear Britons,

this is your Brexit, the Brexit Theresa May and Philip Hammond are delivering, though the british press didn’t tell you, the EU Commission in accordance with the british government led by the remainer Theresa May, goes on ignoring the referendum and appointing british nationals in key sectors of the EU, Mr. Simon Mordue was appointed non-less-than Vice Director General for migration and home affairs, even though you are supposed to leave. I took the news by an angry italian newspaper because the italians, innocent ingenuous ones, were really convinced you were brexiting and thought to be given the position; to confirm here’s a short description of this man’s career and position: they are fooling you,

“Mr Simon Mordue, a British national, will take up his new position on 1 December 2016. Mr Mordue joined the Commission in 1994 and has worked in a variety of policy areas including transport, neighbourhood policy, enterprise and industry.

In his new role, Mr Mordue will be in charge of key EU policies in the area of migration and home affairs and, notably, the European Agenda for Migration. “

The plan of Theresa May for Brexit is clearly not to deliver it; if you don’t want any part in taking the immigrants from Europe and are leaving the EU entirely how is it possible that Juncker appointed an englishman precisely at the home affairs and migration agenda? Be careful before insulting Juncker you must insult May: she knows it, she hides it, she accepted it or even proposed it and she is lying to you. This woman must be removed.

Italian Source

At this point it is clear that the EU and Theresa May behave like an occupying foreign power.

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